Bunkerville 4th of July


Dear Patron,

The following letter is designed to help all patrons understand the policies of the Bunkerville Cemetery. We want you to enjoy quiet time when you come to visit those who have passed on, but anticipate you will respect the grounds and all individual burial plots in this hallowed place.

The Bunkerville Cemetery allows for families to leave only one large item, a headstone, to remember those who have died. This commemorative stone must be professionally made and installed. Piles of rocks or homemade objects, etc. may not substitute for a headstone. Any additional large mementos such as benches, plants, concrete pads, flag poles, staffs, pot hangers, and the like are not permitted and will need to be removed. Of course you are permitted to decorate graves when you come to visit, but only with minor items. These flowers and memorial-trinkets should be small enough to be placed on, or next to headstones, and should be anticipated to be temporary.

Our cemetery is scheduled for regular maintenance. These groundskeepers are committed to keeping our cemetery manicured and looking uniform. They are sensitive to burials, events, and holidays, but starting in January of 2019, our workers will remove all unapproved items, large and small, from around the graves in the Bunkerville Cemetery. Workers are then authorized to routinely clean up and discard extra things that are left in the cemetery. Please do not approach the workers about this.

It is not our intent to interfere with the way you show love and respect for those buried here. Yet, the extra items and decorations are encroaching on other plots, obstructing walkways, causing maintenance issues, and visually congesting the grounds. We ask that you adhere to the Bunkerville Cemetery policies and assure our entire facility continues to look good.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,


Stephen Waite